Introducing the Newest Dd Contributor: Claire

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Let’s give a warm welcome to the latest addition to our Dd family – Claire!

I met Claire Salant at Barnard College, where she focused on history, math, and dance. She is, without a doubt, one of the kindest, most genuine, and brightest women I’ve encountered. (I also recall that she was a Writing Fellow who expertly edited at least one of my papers.) Claire is currently a freelance dancer and academic teacher in New York, and we wish her a smooth recovery from a dance injury. We are so lucky to have her!

Claire DIY

ART: Performance or visual? What place does art have in your life?

Both! Or rather, all kinds. I identify mostly as a dancer, but I also love to draw, and love art that blurs boundaries between forms. I grew up surrounded by lots of different kinds of art and art-making: my older sister is a visual artist, my twin sister is a musician, and my mother is a writer and former painter. Questions about art make me think as much about family as they do about myself! As a currently injured dancer, I can say that I need to dance in order to feel like myself.

CRAFT: Knit or Crochet or Other? What is your craftiest project to date?

I am a not-very-skilled knitter, and I mostly make scarves. I’m from Michigan and I get very cold!

DESIGN: Classical or modern? What designer or architect inspires you the most?

More modern than classical, but with both I care as much about practicality and comfort as I do about aesthetic. My mother used to be an architect and now writes about architecture, so she is definitely my biggest design influence.

FOOD: Salty or sweet? Do you know how to make your favorite dish?

I like both, but if I am being honest, I have a pretty mean sweet tooth. I love to cook and bake, and can make many of my favorite things. I’m looking forward to baking my favorite summer dessert soon, a clafouti made with sour cherries (which are only in season for a short period of time). It’s a family recipe and it’s delicious!

THOUGHT: Fiction or Nonfiction? What form does the bulk of your own reading and/or writing take?

I love to read both, but my writing is always non-fiction. I’m currently on a non-fiction reading kick as well. I studied history in college and am revisiting some of my academic roots!

FUN: Where in the world do you want to go or be stranded? What five things would be in your bag?

There are plenty of places I’d like to explore all around the world, but if I had to be stranded somewhere, I think I’d go home to Michigan–when it’s warm. It’s certainly slower than New York, but in the summer you can go canoeing down the river, or go to a lake surrounded by nothing but trees. (And Lake Michigan isn’t too far away either!) I’d bring what’s in my bag all the time: a bottle of water, sunscreen, a good book, a snack, and a phone to call my friends and family when I finish reading!

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  • stephanie


    I’d like to be the first to extend a HUGE welcome to the Dd family. We are so thrilled to have you on board and I can’t wait to ready your first post — a little birdie told me it is coming out very soon!

    On another note, I have recently come back from a rather severe injury and can relate to what you are going through at the moment. Please feel free to reach out to me if you need someone to talk to about it.


  • candice

    So glad to have you! And can’t wait to hear more about the clafouti–I love to cook but recently have been very into my Milkbar dessert cookbook and of course now it is about to be ice cream making season…

  • claire

    Thanks for the very warm welcome from both of you, and the very generous intro from Nicole! Stephanie–thank you very much for your offer, and congratulations on your recovery! Dance injuries can be overwhelming, and it can be hard to explain not just the injury itself but how it can affect your relationship with your community and your sense of self. Understanding the process definitely helps. And Candice–I just made one the other day and it almost gone already! Whoops…

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