Dd Video Countdown for National Dance Day: 9 of 20/20

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Here at Dd a substantial part of our mission is bringing rigorous review to dance performances. We think our critics know best how to bring context to their own art form. We believe such thoughtful analysis of our own community can broaden and engage the audience for dance and inspire its creators. In light of our devotion to this topic that is often taboo, we delight in these two videos from the MADE HERE project, tackling both sides of the critical conundrum: how to deal with reviews and getting into the mind of the critic.

WARNING: the f-bomb and other explicit words are dropped liberally in these videos (as the subject dictates).

The Review

The Critic

What is your favorite dance video or short film? Send us your nomination for the Day 20 dance video in celebration of National Dance Day–tweet us @diydancer, email us hello@diydancer.com or comment below with a link.

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  • stephanie

    I came across these a few months ago. I’m so glad they are including in our Dd countdown. They really speak to some of the things we are trying to accomplish here.

  • candice


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