Dd Video Countdown for National Dance Day: 11 of 20/20

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For this throwback Thursday, we are going way back.

What is your favorite bit of dance history caught on camera? Send us your nomination for the Day 20 dance video in celebration of National Dance Day–tweet us @diydancer, email us hello@diydancer.com or comment below with a link.

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  • Sara

    I love that way she occasionally becomes transparent, like a dragonfly wing. The beauty of Pavlova is that her dance is warm and purely an expression of her interpretation. There is no technique or self-consciousness to separate the dance from the dancer.

  • candice

    It’s true. It is hard to not have technique distract from story these days.

    • chelsea

      I wish there was a like button so I could like this comment! The only thing I would add is that the idea of technique distracting from story exists across all art forms these days not just dance. It’s really depressing.

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