Dd Video Countdown for National Dance Day: 20 of 20!

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Happy National Dance Day!

Here at Dd we have been anticipating this event–recognizing the importance and influence of our art form in and on the culture of our country–with a Video Countdown and the celebration continues with a dance film nomination from our readership.

View this collaborative dance project, RIPENING, caught in a film teaser.


Ripening Teaser-The House from Vanessa Walters on Vimeo.

Director/Choreographer – Vanessa Walters
Cinematographer/Co-director – Brian Gonzalez/Taxiplasm
Sound – Peter Salett
Costumes – Karen Young
Producer – Cynthia Fieldus Salett
Dancers – Lynn Barr, Janna Diamond, Jennifer Sydor, Vanessa Walters

We look forward to continuing the conversation about dance on film and the evolution of dance alongside technology, so please keep sending your comments and favorite dance videos our way!

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