Dd Short Short List for the Week of 9/2

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Check out Candice’s Dd short short list picks for the week of Sept. 2, 2013.

1. Dusan Tynek’s Stereopsis at BAM Fisher Space

The 10th anniversary performances include works exploring the intersection of science and mythology: “Stereopsis explores depth perception and binocular disparity and is layered with an original text by Cynthia Polutanovich referencing the cyclopes in Homer’s Odyssey.”


Click here for tickets.

2. New Chamber Ballet at City Center Studio 5

The season opener includes a world premiere by Miro Magloire in addition to repertory favorites such as Klavierstuck.

9/6 & 9/7


Photo by Kristin Lodoen Linder.

Click here for tickets.

Start September off right and take in a performance this week!

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