Sunday Wellness: Foam Rolling 101

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Foam Rollers are a popular item among dancers. They come in all shapes and sizes; the shorter, thicker, and darker they are the more intense your foam rolling experience. Half- size and skinny foam rollers are better for smaller muscle groups.

To use a foam-roller, simply relax the body part you intend to roll on over the foam roller, breathe, and let your body sink into it.

Foam rolling is excellent to lengthen and relax muscle tissue, specifically on the IT band, calves, and spine. Erika Kalkan, a faculty member of the Harkness Center for Dance Injuries, suggests foam rolling after class, once the muscles are warm, to reap the most benefit. However if the muscles are already tight before class, you should foam roll before and after class to prevent further tightness.

You can find foam rollers at most athletic stores.

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  • rebecca

    foam rollers are the best!!

  • nicole

    agreed. my oldest and greatest frenemy.

  • Christopher Rupert

    Nice Article. I have also read at Runnersworld Foam rollers article that it also help runners to relax their overworked muscles. Foam Rollers have multiple uses as myofascial release and deep-tissue massage which could improve performance for any kind of activity like dancing or aerobics.

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