Getting Over the Hump with Nashville Ballet Dancer Sadie Harris

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Sadie Bo Harris is a principal dancer with the Nashville Ballet and is also a scholarship student at Belmont University. We asked her, “What is your Wednesday routine? What allows you to stay energized and healthy for the rest of the week?”


Photo Credit Anthony Matula

Photo Credit Anthony Matula

Sadie’s reply: “There’s not one specific thing I do. No matter how much we would like to be, we are not machines. Every week is different for me. Some weeks, hump day is a chance to ride out the rest of a good week. Other times, it’s an opportunity to finish on a better note, and sometimes, it’s just something I have to plow through. The important part is allowing myself that flexibility to feel how I feel and adjust accordingly.

I like to plan my meals. I think we all look forward to eating, so thinking about food is naturally energizing. Meal planning is also a great way for me to feel like I’m being proactive about my health and managing my life in a balanced way. I can finish out my week knowing I’m prepared…to eat.”


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