Getting Over the Hump with Laura Peterson

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I caught up with choreographer Laura Peterson, in the midst of a busy fall fundraising drive, to ask her, “What gets you over the hump?” I am grateful for this window into her mid-week motivation:

Forever by Laura Peterson. Photo by Steven Schreiber.

I think the “hump” is about being tired before you’re allowed to be tired. I think of my friend Khalda, a wonderful dancer and friend who died several years ago. She worked harder than anyone I know. I think of her and say to myself, “Take a page out of the Khalda Logan playbook.” It works for me.

Or- I didn’t make it up, but I love it…”If Brittany Spears can make it through 2007, you can make it through this day.”

Click here to lend Laura Peterson Choreography some support as she brings Forever to the Kennedy Center!

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