Wellness Sunday: Dd Response to Anatomy of the Spirit

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Maintaining mental, emotional, and spiritual health, especially for professional dancers, is just as important as maintaining the physical body. It is often more challenging to overcome the stuck, negative energies of the mind than dancing through sore muscles. In Caroline Myss’s Anatomy of the Spirit, she explains in great detail about the energy centers of the body, the chakras, and how they connect with mind/body health.

Myss also delves into the relationship of the seven chakras relative to the Christian Sacraments and Jewish Sefirot, which are essentially just a religious perspective on these energy centers. I found it absolutely fascinating that the Christian and Jewish religious practices are based on Eastern concepts thousands and thousands of years old. It makes one realize that there is only one universe and we are all connected within it.

Anatomy of the Spirit helps one identify stagnant energy, where it came from, and tools to move beyond it to live in your most healthy body, free mind, and fulfilling life. Myss also provides fascinating examples of clients she has worked with throughout her years of practicing energy healing.

One story in particular that opened my mind to Myss’s work is that of Peter. Peter’s father had noticed he had not been feeling well. He called Myss and asked her to meet with his son, conduct an energy reading, and diagnose him. Immediately, Myss knew that Peter was HIV positive and had begun to develop AIDS. Peter was also a closeted gay man. Peter’s discussion with Myss led him to tell his father everything. Myss gave Peter a plan for healing, which included a healthy diet, exercise, and psychotherapy. After six weeks of following this regimen, Peter’s blood test came back HIV negative. Peter remains to this day HIV free.

If you are feeling open minded to a great spiritual and mind-blowing read, I highly suggest Anatomy of the Spirit. Like Myss says, once you are aware of the opening and possibilities in life, it is very hard to be any other way.

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