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Practically everyone has a story of an ex who was ‘pure evil,’ but what if the person you were dating actually was the devil?

In Night Lights Theater Group’s production of Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s comedy Say You Love Satan, Andrew finds himself deeply involved with the perfect man who ends up being, well too perfect. Hilarity ensues in a romp of sarcasm, quick wit, and expert storytelling as Andrew, played by Omar Cruz, struggles to balance his friendships and his new relationship with Jack, played by Brock Yurich.

A clear spoof on the horror film genre, especially tying to the film The Omen, Aguirre-Sacasa examines our seeming inability as humans to be happy with what we have or with whom we’re with. The author, whose broad spectrum of writing ranging from Marvel Comics to the most recent film adaptation of Carrie, succeeds in delivering his message while entertaining the audience through clear and accessible writing.

Under the skilled direction of Eric S. Robertson, the five-member cast made the playwright material flow seamlessly. Their comedic timing combined beautifully with their emotional chemistry; and each joke gave the audience a most joyous 90-minute experience.

Say You Love Satan is one of those plays that stays with you for days after. It is wonderful to be reminded of how careful examination of our lives can be placed under a humorous microscope. Angst isn’t the only way to tell a tale of love, and if we are to learn from relationships, why not look back at them and laugh at the same time?

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