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Here’s the Short Short List for the week of April 14th.

Illuminations Drawings  Simone Forti

Illuminations Drawings
Simone Forti

1. illlummminnnatttionnnsssss!!!!!!!

The title itself conveys my enthusiasm for this piece, and why it’s number one on my list this week. The Museum of Modern Art reunites Minimalist and improvisation giant Simone Forti with her musical collaborator Charlemagne Palestine to recreate a duet they first made in 1971, then billed as “Illuminations.” Now living on opposite sides of the world, in LA and Belgium respectively, these two artists are coming together again to perform the work in New York City for the first time since 1975. However, the new title suggests it won’t be an exact recreation, but something more interesting still. (!!!!!!!)

April 14th, 7 pm. MOMA, fourth floor gallery. $12, $8 with student ID.


2. Vicky Shick’s “Miniatures in Detail”

Vicky Shick has a style all her own, producing work that is alternately sweet and funny, and always rich in detail. She also has a knack for picking extremely talented collaborators. Her last show, “Everything You See,” was almost too full of talent, with an extra large cast deliberately designed so that the audience couldn’t watch the whole performance. I’m looking forward to her return to a smaller set of (absolutely fantastic) dancers, including the lovely Shick herself.

The show appears in David Parker and Jeffrey Kazin’s series “Soaking Wet” at the West End Theater:

April 17-20. Thursday-Saturday at 8:30, Sunday at 4. $15. West End Theater.


3. Studio Series with Jon Kinzel

The Studio Series at New York Live Arts is intended to give artists the time and space to explore ideas, without the pressure of a final product. Instead of a finished show, it ends with a relaxed showing in a studio and a discussion the artist. It’s an ideal setting for a dancer and choreographer like Jon Kinzel, who is an incredibly detailed performer, and whose work rewards careful attention.

April 18 and 19 at 6. $5. New York Live Arts.

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