Getting Over the Hump: How choreographer Gabrielle Lamb gets through mid-week

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choreographer Gabrielle Lamb

Gabrielle Lamb (Photo: Kyle Meyer)

At the end of March, Ballet Austin announced its New American Talent/Dance choreographic competition winners.

This was the fifth time the Texan company conducted the competition, and this year’s event named three choreographers, from across the county, as its winners. Among those names was Gabrielle Lamb, an already established choreographer in her own right whose works have been seen on the stage and screen. Lamb was awarded $4,000 for her work titled “Dovetail.”

She took some time out of her busy schedule to chat with {Dd} and tell us about what keeps her going when she hits that mid-week lull.

{Dd}: What gets you over the hump?

Gabrielle Lamb: Choreography is a minute-by-minute affair, so I lose track of what day of the week it is when I’m in the thick of a new creation.  Each day is a mini-week unto itself with lots of little ups and downs. There are unpredictable moments of delight or despair; and then there are just plain plateaux, where I have to keep driving the process forward whether I’m feeling inspired or not.  I never really can’t predict what might be around the corner, so I just try to block everything out and stay open to the experience. Sometimes I do start to long for the end of the week, just to give my brain a break.  But then again several consecutive days of hard work can really get some good creative flow going. The middle of the week could end op being the very best part.

Check back in the weeks to come as the other two winners of the choreographic competition, James Gregg and Jimmy Orrante, will share what gets them over the hump.

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