Getting Over the Hump: How Dance Magazine's Editor In Chief survives the busy Fall season

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During the fall, Editor In Chief Jenny Stahl has a double-whammy of putting together Dance Magazine‘s biggest issues of the year—the first-ever Reader’s Choice issue for December, plus the massive January Summer Study guide and February Auditions guide—while also trying to catch as many of the “must-see” performances going on around New York City as she can. Her personal to-do list over the next month includes both the NYCB and ABT seasons, and of course Fall For Dance, as well as Aakash Odedra, Ballet Memphis and Spectrum Dance, plus the Career Transition for Dancers gala and the Bessies.

{ Dd }: What gets you over the hump?

Jenny Stahl:  By Wednesday, my boyfriend typically asks me, “You’re going to see another show tonight?”

JenniferStahl_headshotTo stay focused, I do something completely non-dance related: I go running after I leave the office before heading to the theater (with a stop at the gym for a post-run shower, of course). After so many years dancing, my knees start to ache if I go straight from my sitting at my desk all day to sitting in an audience at night. When I head out for a run, I get to stretch out and move and sweat and remember what it feels like to use my body again. I tell myself it’s a break from work, but my mind usually ends up wandering back there. Before I even realize it, I start brainstorming story ideas, or headlines, or questions I should ask during an interview I have coming up. I often end up having to stop in the middle of my runs to write myself an email so I don’t forget my ideas. Then I’ll go back to staring at the Hudson River and daydreaming about what I can eat afterward.
Full disclosure: I’m training for a pair of marathons right now so I run a lot. But the middle of the week is when it feels like I might go batty if I don’t get that hour or so to myself outside.
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