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LMnO3 is Deborah Lohse, Cori Marquis, and Donnell Oakley. In their latest work, More Like Your Mom, these three women explore what it means to be female today. Child-free by choice, the show “encourages the audience to engage with the multitude of ways in which we identify as women by challenging notions of femininity and celebrating alternative ways of channeling the instinct to nurture.”  



Photo by Whitney Browne.

{ DIYdancer }, Candice Thompson: Where did the title for this piece come from?

Deborah Lohse: It comes from a line in our first show B.A.N.G.S.: made in america. In the show we are telling Donnell to be more and less of different things—from the concrete to the abstract and weird—and when we got to the last line “be more like your mom,” we were like, “ooh…we like that.” We joke around that we are becoming self referential for our fans, like implanting hidden tracks on an album.

CT: Are there actual Moms in the show?

DL: Well we recorded interviews with our moms from a 2009 tear out I had from Real Simple magazine. But we didn’t address it at all until last week at SILO, when we decided to listen to them again. Originally, we didn’t think we would use anything from it; it just an interesting exercise, but not used in creating. But when we all cried as we were listening, we realized this needs to be a part of it. Their voices are a part of it. Cori edited the sound, and they float in and out. They sort of open and close out the show.

CT: Since I know you, I have to ask: Should the audience be prepared for participation?

DL: Surprisingly no. We had so many ideas, like sitting in people’s laps and having them hold us and take care of us. Or a karaoke singing moment, campfire style. But none of that made it in.

CT: What if someone shows up with a baby?

DL: Well, there is some amateur puppetry with a homemade Cabbage Patch doll we found at a thrift store in Hellertown, PA. It was a make-your-own doll, whoever donated it, dropped off patterns and diapers and shoes too. They had sewn face and but only one set of toes. It is so weird. Spoiler alert: WE kind of adopted a baby together.

CT: Does the doll get more finished in the show?

DL: No, we keep baby as is. Let it be who it wants it to be. And Donnell does puppetry with it.

More Like Your Mom (island edition) from Deborah Lohse on Vimeo.

CT: What will you be wearing?

DL: We are wearing white leotards. Costume-wise things evolved from white jeans and a structured top because we couldn’t find the right thing. Why is this so hard to find? But luckily LMnO3 just doesn’t wear things you look cool in. So we have accessories that snap on to these leotards over the course of the show and we are continuing to wear our signature Capezio light suntan, footless tights.

CT: When I did jazz I remember a suntan shimmer. Do any of you have a background in jazz?

DL: Cori, totally. Our costumes are entirely composed of Capezio elements and shine trim. Just red and white.

CT: You did this yourselves?

DL: Oh yeah. The day before we went to SILO we ended up at a trim store and bought $200 of sparkly things. I was sewing like a Grandma while Donnell was editing voices and Cori cooked. Really, we are such good co-parents.

CT: Do your moms know about the show?

DL: I told my mom that her voice is in the show, so she knows. Cori’s mom is coming and it will be interesting to have her in the house because there are some dark moments too.

CT: As is the case with motherhood…..sounds like a lot of fun and feeling.

DL: We did a run-through for some friends and they saw how much fun we were having, children playing, to the sounds of mom voices, Tears for Fears, and “Chariots of Fire” theme song. The timeline gets played with and you can’t pinpoint how old we are. Oh and in the program we had our moms write our bios—complete with fake stats we added in, ounces, inches, etc. It is so curious to see what your parents want to brag about, what they think is worthy of including.


More Like Your Mom will be performed at Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn, NY
May 12-13 at 8 p.m., May 14 at 4 p.m.
$16 advance, $20 at door

CLICK HERE for tickets.

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