Featured Artists

  • Studio Wayne McGregor
    Studio Wayne McGregor

    Wayne McGregor is a British choreographer and director. Studio Wayne McGregor, evolved from Random Dance, houses his dialogue with dance.

  • Akua Noni Parker
    Akua Noni Parker

    Akua Noni Parker is a leading dancer with Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, as well as a teacher, model, stylist and chef.

  • Vinson Fraley
    Vinson Fraley

    Vinson Fraley is a multidisciplinary artist and maker working with the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company in New York City.

  • Thryn Saxon
    Thryn Saxon

    Thryn Saxon is a freelance dancer as well as the choreographer and dance film maker behind SAXYN/DanceWorks.

  • Bebe Miller
    Bebe Miller

    Bebe Miller is artistic director of Bebe Miller Company in Columbus, Ohio.

  • Andrea Miller
    Andrea Miller

    Andrea Miller is the artistic director and choreographer of Brooklyn-based company, Gallim.

  • Summation Dance
    Summation Dance

    Taryn Vander Hoop (Pictured Left) is executive director and associate artistic director of Summation Dance Company. Sumi Clements (Pictured Right) is a choreographer and artistic director of Summation Dance Company.

  • Byron Roman
    Byron Roman

    Byron Roman is a freelance dance artist and stage manager in San Francisco.

  • Lauri Stallings
    Lauri Stallings

    Lauri Stallings is a choreographer and the founder of the Atlanta movement platform glo.

  • Shimon

    Shimon is a robot who lives in the Georgia Tech Music Department.

  • Laura Peterson
    Laura Peterson

    Laura Peterson is a NYC-based dance artist and artistic director of Laura Peterson Choreography.

  • Kevin Draper
    Kevin Draper

    Kevin Draper is executive director of Satellite Collective.

  • Lora Robertson
    Lora Robertson

    Lora Robertson is a filmmaker and the artistic director of Satellite Collective.

  • Stelth Ulvang
    Stelth Ulvang

    Stelth Ulvang is a musician with acclaimed indie rock band The Lumineers.

  • Pontus Lidberg
    Pontus Lidberg

    Pontus Lidberg is an international choreographer and filmmaker based in NYC.

  • Marquet K. Lee
    Marquet K. Lee

    Marquet K. Lee is a former dancer with Ballett am Rhein who currently lives and works in Berlin.

  • Steven Reker
    Steven Reker

    Steven Reker is a dancer and a musician whose latest project is the band Open House.

  • Deborah Jowitt
    Deborah Jowitt

    Deborah Jowitt is a critic, dancer, choreographer, author, and teacher.


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