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    DIAVOLO | Architecture in Motion® explores the relation and interaction between the human body and its architectural environment to understand how we are being affected not only socially, but physically and emotionally.


    Over its 12 years of existence, BODYTRAFFIC has pushed boundaries to establish Los Angeles as a cultural center for dance, by creating distinctive choreographic works for its company of exceptional dancers and performing them around the globe.

  • Bobbi Jene Smith
    Bobbi Jene Smith

    Bobbi Jene Smith is an American choreographer, dancer and actress well-known for her feature role in Elvira Lind’s 2017 award-winning documentary, Bobbi Jene.

  • Laurel Lawson
    Laurel Lawson

    Laurel found that dance combines her love of athleticism and art, and performs and teaches around the world with Kinetic Light, Full Radius Dance, and independently.

  • Michael Maag
    Michael Maag

    Michael Maag is the Lighting Designer for Kinetic Light Dance Company.

  • Mark Travis Rivera
    Mark Travis Rivera

    Mark Travis Rivera is an activist, choreographer, speaker, and writer that shares his experiences of being Latinx, gay, disabled and gender nonconforming.

  • Alice Sheppard
    Alice Sheppard

    Alice Sheppard is a dancer, choreographer, and writer; she is founder and artistic leader for Kinetic Light.

  • Jimmy Robert
    Jimmy Robert

    Robert’s work has been featured in a solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, in commissions by Performa 17 and the Glass House, in performances at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, at the Berlin and Dakar biennials, and in a Satellite presentation organized by the Jeu de Paume, Paris.

  • Kevin Lopez
    Kevin Lopez

    Kevin Lopez is a Bay Area dance theatre artist, who also goes by Mira… she’s a hoot.

  • Eric Garcia
    Eric Garcia

    Eric Garcia is the Co-Artistic Director of detour dance / Tiny Dance Film Festival and performs as a drag and devised-theater artist.

  • d. Sabela grimes
    d. Sabela grimes

    d. Sabela grimes – be an interdisciplinary storyteller, sonic ARKivist, movement composer cultivating a devoted interest in Afrobiquitous life practices; sonic-kinetic spectrums that be infinite, multi-dimensional and distinct manifestations of wombniversal consciousness.

  • Eva Yaa Asantewaa
    Eva Yaa Asantewaa

    Eva Yaa Asantewaa, Bessie Award-winning dance writer published since 1976, is an independent curator and serves as Senior Curatorial Director at Gibney.

  • Studio Wayne McGregor
    Studio Wayne McGregor

    Wayne McGregor is a British choreographer and director. Studio Wayne McGregor, evolved from Random Dance, houses his dialogue with dance.

  • Akua Noni Parker
    Akua Noni Parker

    Akua Noni Parker is a leading dancer with Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, as well as a teacher, model, stylist and chef.

  • Vinson Fraley
    Vinson Fraley

    Vinson Fraley is a multidisciplinary artist and maker working with the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company in New York City.

  • Thryn Saxon
    Thryn Saxon

    Thryn Saxon is a freelance dancer as well as the choreographer and dance film maker behind SAXYN/DanceWorks.

  • Bebe Miller
    Bebe Miller

    Bebe Miller is artistic director of Bebe Miller Company in Columbus, Ohio.

  • Andrea Miller
    Andrea Miller

    Andrea Miller is the artistic director and choreographer of Brooklyn-based company, Gallim.

  • Summation Dance
    Summation Dance

    Taryn Vander Hoop (Pictured Left) is executive director and associate artistic director of Summation Dance Company. Sumi Clements (Pictured Right) is a choreographer and artistic director of Summation Dance Company.

  • Byron Roman
    Byron Roman

    Byron Roman is a freelance dance artist and stage manager in San Francisco.

  • Lauri Stallings
    Lauri Stallings

    Lauri Stallings is a choreographer and the founder of the Atlanta movement platform glo.

  • Shimon

    Shimon is a robot who lives in the Georgia Tech Music Department.

  • Laura Peterson
    Laura Peterson

    Laura Peterson is a NYC-based dance artist and artistic director of Laura Peterson Choreography.

  • Kevin Draper
    Kevin Draper

    Kevin Draper is executive director of Satellite Collective.

  • Lora Robertson
    Lora Robertson

    Lora Robertson is a filmmaker and the artistic director of Satellite Collective.

  • Stelth Ulvang
    Stelth Ulvang

    Stelth Ulvang is a musician with acclaimed indie rock band The Lumineers.

  • Pontus Lidberg
    Pontus Lidberg

    Pontus Lidberg is an international choreographer and filmmaker based in NYC.

  • Marquet K. Lee
    Marquet K. Lee

    Marquet K. Lee is a former dancer with Ballett am Rhein who currently lives and works in Berlin.

  • Steven Reker
    Steven Reker

    Steven Reker is a dancer and a musician whose latest project is the band Open House.

  • Deborah Jowitt
    Deborah Jowitt

    Deborah Jowitt is a critic, dancer, choreographer, author, and teacher.


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