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The theme for our epic third offering has revolved around a set of questions we were circulating: 

What isn’t being presented in the concert dance world? What are you seeing too much of? What roles do the artist or curator or writer or critic or audience play in what gets “seen”? What do artists with great visibility still struggle with/against vs. those with less visibility? What have you seen that has surprised you recently? Where are you seeing dance? What choreographers are working with invisible forces? And how does their work make the intangible, tangible? How is dance intersecting with other art forms in new ways? What blind spots do we have and what are we still missing? What is bringing us together as a community?

Our contributors used this line of inquiry as a jumping off point and a way to bring new perspectives to conversations, first person stories, photo essays, poetry, critical essays, portraits, and miscellaneous notes from the choreographic process. The project has taken us the better part of a year and the amount of collaboration involved has made this our largest endeavor to date.

Contributors: Morgan Beckwith, Kathryn Boland, Sydney Burrows, Sarah Chenoweth, Tori Duhaime, Jessica Gadzinski, Courtney Henry, Alejandra Iannone, Jacob Jonas, Celine Kiner, Haley Kostas, Jordan McHenry, Jill Randall, Erica Sabatini, Elizabeth Schmuhl, Candice Thompson, Lara Wilson Townsend, Stephanie Wolf

Featured Artists: Ate9/Danielle Agami, Alex Apt, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, BODYTRAFFIC/Tina Berkett & Lillian Barbeito, Courtney Buckkland, Eric Christison, DIAVOLO/Jacques Heim, Daniel Ezralow, Katherine Helen Fisher, Tushrik Fredericks, Eric Garcia, The Groovaloos/Bradley “Shooz” Rapier, d. Sabela Grimes, Ryan Heffington, Jacob Jonas The Company, Anna Kazanova, Megan Lawson, Laurel Lawson, Kevin Lopez, Jacob “Kujo” Lyons, Michael Maag, Mirelle Martins, Vincent Paterson,  Ellice Patterson, Shamel Pitts, Mark Travis Rivera, Jimmy Robert, The Waldorf Project/Sean Rogg, Allegra Searle-LeBel and Cole Rise, Alice Sheppard, Jermaine Spivey and Spenser Theberge, Rosy Simas, Bobbi Jene Smith, Tony Testa, Micaela Taylor, Wewolf, Itai Zwecker

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