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{ DIYdancer } Magazine is annual journal where movers and shakers in dance engage in critical conversations and forge connections with art, culture, politics, and business.




Issue 02, “How To,” is our sophomore print adventure filled with first person stories of how dancers, dance makers, photographers, poets, architects and film makers are doing what they do. Using beautiful layouts and graphic stylings, we bring you fresh perspectives on how artists are playing with, collaborating on, and responding to dance from Ohio to Berlin (and many spaces in-between). Features include Morgan Rose Beckwith on Andrea Miller’s residency at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Courtney Henry imagining the future, Jim Lafferty on his Studio Sessions, Bebe Miller on maintaining her far-flung dance company, Alejandra Iannone dishing on mash-ups, and Anicka Austin + Lev Omelchencko on adapting a live show to a short film. By nature, the issue is both personal and political, taking a detour to San Francisco where Byron Roman has found a rich dance life despite displacement and rising costs caused by the tech industry; tracking Summation Dance Company as they go off to see America with Project Highway HabitUS; and following Annie Coggan’s analytic mind as she crosses an ocean to draw connections between Studio Wayne McGregor and McGregor’s repertoire. Featured Artists


Issue 01, “Collaboration + Time,” features Pontus Lidberg in a photo essay by Jim Lafferty, Marquet K. Lee and his dance film days together, a round table with members of Satellite Collective, a writing lesson from Deborah Jowitt, Lauri Stallings and a robot named Shimon, plus illustrations, a dance painting, and more reviews and conversations. Featured Artists


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