• Dance writing/criticism/analysis for the people by the people!

    Anicka Austin Follow
  • I absolutely LOVE the work that DIYdancer is doing. Sharing the stories, research and deep reflection behind dance work itself and highlighting a wide range of artists. Finally.

    @rubyjozephine Follow
  • The quality of the media we consume has a direct parallel with the quality of conversation we generate. This publication is a moment of aesthetic clarity and a gift to readers.

    Jordan McHenry Dance on Air
  • The branding and vision behind the magazine is beautiful.

    Jacob Jonas Cameras and Dancers
  • How fantastic is this magazine! I just got my copy a couple days ago. I look forward to sharing this project and the magazine with all of my family and friends!

    Natasha Diamond-Walker Martha Graham Dance Company
  • You are all doing a phenomenal job! Thank you for providing an unpretentious yet high standard platform for professional performers to communicate.

    @movementasmuse Follow
  • There is real life in these pages. Real humans, real dancers, sharing real work. The stories blew my mind and brought me to tears. Dance has been waiting for a publication like this, I’ve been waiting for a publication like this. A magazine that shapes moves into words for all of the movers. In a time where dance needs more voices not just faces, this print journal speaks truth and connection. If you’ve ever felt alone in our world...read this.

    Haley Kostas
  • As we mourn the loss of live performance, I'm grateful to have the sounds of choreographic thinking pass through my earphones, to remember what it means to make a dance.

    Sima Belmar Brooklyn Rail

Creative director Lara Wilson Townsend discusses Issue 02: How To on Dance on Air: The Podcast.


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