• Dance writing/criticism/analysis for the people by the people!

    Anicka Austin Follow
  • I absolutely LOVE the work that DIYdancer is doing. Sharing the stories, research and deep reflection behind dance work itself and highlighting a wide range of artists. Finally.

    @rubyjozephine Follow
  • The quality of the media we consume has a direct parallel with the quality of conversation we generate. This publication is a moment of aesthetic clarity and a gift to readers.

    Jordan McHenry Dance on Air
  • The branding and vision behind the magazine is beautiful.

    Jacob Jonas Cameras and Dancers
  • How fantastic is this magazine! I just got my copy a couple days ago. I look forward to sharing this project and the magazine with all of my family and friends!

    Natasha Diamond-Walker Martha Graham Dance Company
  • You are all doing a phenomenal job! Thank you for providing an unpretentious yet high standard platform for professional performers to communicate.

    @movementasmuse Follow
  • There is real life in these pages. Real humans, real dancers, sharing real work. The stories blew my mind and brought me to tears. Dance has been waiting for a publication like this, I’ve been waiting for a publication like this. A magazine that shapes moves into words for all of the movers. In a time where dance needs more voices not just faces, this print journal speaks truth and connection. If you’ve ever felt alone in our world...read this.

    Haley Kostas

Creative director Lara Wilson Townsend discusses Issue 02: How To on Dance on Air: The Podcast.


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